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Our 3D libraries

All of them have Source (Blender), PNG files and tutorials to help you deploy them easily.

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All Access Plan

Get access to all our 3D libraries at once with 30% discount. Our 3D libraries function as an extensive 3D design system that allows you to mix and match assets from different libraries, enabling you to create stunning 3D scenes for your designs in just minutes.

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The biggest 3D library in the world with 100 000 000+ combinations of diverse 3D characters. 9,000+ PNG files rendered out of the box. 3D scenes included. Possiblity to buy various add-ons.

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8 000+ combinations of upper-body 3D avatars out of the box. Blender Generator included. Step by step tutorial how to customize avatars included.

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Free library of diverse 3D hands in various gestures. 320+ files included.

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Massive & multi-purpose 3D library of 167,000,000+ combinations of 3D characters. Adults, Kids, Elders, Pets are included.

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Alternative to Apple Memoji with 400,000+ combinations of 3D heads. Male, Female and Pets included.

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Faceless rigged 3D cartoon characters. Adults, Kids and Musculars in various poses included. Source and PNG files included.

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Cute fully rigged various 3D animals with 3D objects in various poses.

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Free modular 3D cartoon robot with various heads, bodies, hands, and accessories. Blender, Figma, and PNG files are included.

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77+ animated 3D emojis with transaprent background. PNG, GIF, MOV & Blender suported.

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More than 333+ 3D icons included in various angles and materials. Possibility to order custom 3D icon.

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Cartoon fully rigged 3D vehicles as a great addition to our other libraries.

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Free 3D mockup scenes for showcasing your design work in style.

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Free and premium various 3D fonts. From Candy to Cyborg 3D fonts with source files included. Amazing for boosting marketing materials.

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Build your own 3D world with various city assets and world generator

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Cute fully rigged pets as an amazing extension to our other 3D libraries

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Handz Premium

Additional poses of various hands with mobile phones, ipads, iWatches and Samsung watches

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Various pre-defined rooms to give context on top of our cartoon 3D characters or 3D icons.

Say goodbye to boring designs.
Get custom made assets.

We can create custom 3D characters, mascots, assets, 3D animations, prepare UI, other graphic materials or even generate whole NFT project from scratch.

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NFT projects

We are able sketch a concept, create 3D model, assets and generate whole NFT collection. On top of that, we are able to do animations or other promo materials.

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3D animations are amazing differentiator among competitors and great hook to customers. Let us prepare cool animations for you.

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UI designs

UI and 3D is a powerful combo which can elevate your project. Let skyrocket your product with our designs.

From rough design files, to powerful products

Combinations of 3D and UI can be great hook to your new potential customers.

What our customers are saying about us


Easy and practical to use, if you are tired of stock images or illustrations, these kits are a great choice

Tom Koliba · Senior Manager, Oracle

Congratulations a great job!!! one of the best 3D asset solutions today!

Pedro Noronha · Product Designer

The quality of the icons and characters helps elevate and bring character to a design instantly. As they’re really easy to customise, it makes them usable in a wide variety of projects."

Chris Key · Head of Strategy Rubber Ducker

Based on my experience using libraries from ThreeDee. I got a lot of benefits from it. They do not provide the results of its 3d only. But they also provide an editable source file, so I can adjust each pose according to my will. Also, it is so easy to editable for newbies like me, there are instructions to guide me It's so freaking awesome!

Kevin Al-Rizal · UX/UI Designer

TreeDee libraries are amazing resources for designers! The 3D libraries are perfectly designed and provide countless combinations to best fit your projects. By following Sam's tutorials, even those without in-depth knowledge of the 3D world can customize the models quickly and easily.

Patrizia Slongo · UX/UI Designer

Characterz by ThreeDee was a great purchase for my project and did exactly what I needed. I had no previous experience using blender before and customized the character set easily in less than a day. Best of all, the client loved the character I created. It is an excellent product, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about it. Go for it! Thank me later.

Tommy Wisdom · Founder and Creative Director, Studio Wisdom